Famous sweets of karnataka

5 Famous Sweets Of Karnataka That Everyone Must Try At Least Once If They Visit South India.

5 Famous Sweets of Karnataka

Every state of India has its own cuisine and its own different foods. When anyone hears the name Karnataka they mostly think about the common south Indian dishes like dosa, idli- vade but less number of people tasted Karnataka’s desserts, but if you visit Karnataka again don’t miss these mouth-watering sweets listed below.

So here are 5 famous sweets of Karnataka that everyone should at least try once if they visit south India.


  1. Mysore Pak

The sweet that originated in the royal kitchen of Mysore Palace, Mysore Pak is a famous sweet of South India made using gram flour (besan), sugar and ghee.


  1. Dharwad Peda

Dharwad Pedha, a mildly sweet, caramelized, version with its trademark coffee brown colour, this sweet is named after the city Dharwad, the sweet has 100+ years of history.


  1. Amingad Kardant

Karnataka sweets karadant

Karadantu means fried-edible gum in the local language, Kannada. It is made of edible gum mixed with dry fruits and has a chewy texture, Kardant is also called storehouse of the vitamins because of the rich ingredients present within it.

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  1. Belgavi Khunda

Khunda, a sweet prepared from milk and khowa, is a clear favourite and is produced by several local sweet merchants in Belgavi or Belgaum, These sweets are mainly prepared by Rajasthani families who migrated to Belagavi and normally called Purohits.


  1. Hayagreeva

Hayagriva is a sweet recipe from Udupi which is made with chana dal, jaggery, dry coconut & nuts. Hayagreeva is a very common sweet dish made in most Madhwa Brahmin homes. It is offered as naivedyam every day in Sodhe Vadiraj Mutt in Karnataka.

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