Best Healthy Edible Gum Sweet for Good Health.

The Edible Gum (Acacia gum or axle wood gum) is known to provide high protein energy. The Edible is also called as Gondh in Hindi & Antu in Kannada. The Edible Gum is used while making an nutritional or healthy dishes. This natural gum is procured after drying the sap of a variety of gum-producing plants, The Plants which produces natural gum are usually found in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Punjab. Edible gum is water soluble which makes it easy to mix with any substances. The Edible Gum is used as remedy for many health issues like cough, skin care, diarrhea and many other issues.

The Edible Gum is really healthy for our body; it is used in many dishes to increase nutritional & vitamin quality of the dish like the Dink Ladu (Gondh Ke Laddu in Kannada) sweet is the best healthy sweet made from edible gum or gondh because it is made from fried edible gum (Acacia gum or axle wood gum) in pure ghee with dry fruits like nuts, raisins, cashew & almond and jaggery with coconut, and it has got wonderful, yummy, everlasting chewy texture all these ingredients and quality makes dink ladu best healthiest and the tastiest sweet.

As we know nowadays we all consume junk foods more than healthy food and that’s why many of us deal with many health problems, so we have to consume healthy snack to replace to unhealthy junk food to be healthier and the best thing to replace the unhealthy junk food is from the Dink ladu sweet, because it is healthiest sweet which contains less sugar and more nutritional quality.

The Dink Ladu sweet is best healthy snack for all groups of ages and especially for pregnant ladies and small children’s  because this sweet provides the high vitamins and proteins which helps the strong growth of baby and energy for mother and it is the best sweet for pregnant women and small kids for their better growth.

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