Best Festival Gift For Your Co-Workers & Employees.

Best Festival Gift For Your Colleagues & Employees.


The Festival season is right around the corner in some days we’re going to celebrate all the big festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dasara or Dusherra & Diwali with our family and loved ones but workplace is also a second home all the co-workers, colleagues and employees are our family too, On these festivals forget all those office-politics and fights and extend the cheer of festive to your workplace also by sharing the sweetness of the festival with your colleagues and employees.

In India sweets are an important part of any festival, we believe that by sharing sweets with our loved ones and known people the relationship becomes sweeter, So this festival season forget all the pettiness, fights and share a sweets box of a traditional sweet Karadant with your employees and co-workers and let them know you all are a family and make the relationships stronger.

Gift your Colleague a Tasty & Healthy Kardant Sweet Now!

Karadant is a traditional sweet of Karnataka which came from small-town Amingad, hence the sweet is also called Amingad Kardant. The Amingad Karadant Sweet is the best choice to give a gift to your co-workers & employees because of its nutritional quality & mouth-watering taste. Karadant is called as a king of all sweets because of its nutritional quality, taste, texture and many forms of rich ingredients synchronized within it. The precise meaning of Kardant is fried edible gum (Acacia gum or axle wood gum) in pure ghee with dry fruits and jaggery or sugar, and it has got the wonderful, yummy & everlasting chewy texture.

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Best Gift for your Colleagues & Employees.

By gifting Karadant sweet to your co-workers, you’re not just making the bond stronger but also making their family healthier because karadant is a best sweet for the strong growth of the children’s & adults and this sweet comes in a budget so not to worry about the money. So this festival gift a box karadant sweet and share the sweetness of the festivals Dasara (Dusherra), Diwali.

Now you can also order karadant sweet online as much as you want and also with the custom weight, size of the boxes or as your need. Visit the below link to order now & you can contact us for custom orders.

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Karadant | © Amingad Karadant Online Store / Buy Now

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