The oldest sweet of Karnataka that you must try at-least once.

All Indian sweets have its own reputation in the world, As we say we Indian’s have an extra sweet tooth because our love for the sweets & desserts is increasing day by day. When someone says Indian Sweets the main popular sweets comes in our mind are Gulab  Jamun, Rasgulla, Mothi choor Laddu, Kaju katli … Read more

5 Healthy sweets for kids for their strong growth.

As a kid, everyone loves the chocolates & ice creams and they will have these throughout the day if parents allow them, but as they’re kids so parents have to take care of their health because they’re still small and need healthy food for their growth. So we’ve came up with a 5 healthy sweets which … Read more

Best Festival Gift For Your Co-Workers & Employees.

Best Festival Gift For Your Colleagues & Employees.   The Festival season is right around the corner in some days we’re going to celebrate all the big festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dasara or Dusherra & Diwali with our family and loved ones but workplace is also a second home all the co-workers, colleagues and employees … Read more

Top 12 Traditional Sweets & Desserts of India You Must Try At Least Once in Your Life.

We Indian’s have an extra sweet tooth than any other people in the world. When it comes to having sweet, we don’t think twice and not just at eating sweet, the desserts are offered at places of worship. Indian sweets are far tastier than any sweets in the world. So here’s the top 12 traditional … Read more

5 Famous Sweets Of Karnataka That Everyone Must Try At Least Once If They Visit South India.

5 Famous Sweets of Karnataka Every state of India has its own cuisine and its own different foods. When anyone hears the name Karnataka they mostly think about the common south Indian dishes like dosa, idli- vade but less number of people tasted Karnataka’s desserts, but if you visit Karnataka again don’t miss these mouth-watering … Read more