5 Healthy sweets for kids for their strong growth.

As a kid, everyone loves the chocolates & ice creams and they will have these throughout the day if parents allow them, but as they’re kids so parents have to take care of their health because they’re still small and need healthy food for their growth.

So we’ve came up with a 5 healthy sweets which can be the good replacement for chocolates & ice creams. These sweets are tastiest and healthiest snacks which will be liked by kids also and they can go from unhealthy snacks to healthy ones.


Herer’s the 5 Healthy Sweets for Kids for their Strong Growth.

  1.  Kheer (Rice Pudding).

    Kheer is an Indian style rice pudding, which is everyone’s favourite. It is loved by kids and is full of the goodness of rice, milk and nuts.

    Kheer | © Geeksaregoodfun / Flickr
  2. Karadant (Edible Gum Sweet).

    Karadant is a king of all sweets because of its nutritional quality. Karadant is fried edible gum in pure ghee with dry fruits and jaggery or sugar, and it has got wonderful, yummy, everlasting chewy texture for kids. This can be given to kids who are underweight as this is rich in protein and vitamins.

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    Karadant Sweet | © Amingad Karadant Online Store / Buy Now
  3. Fruit Salad.

    Most kids love fruits, even if they don’t like vegetables. This fruit salad is a great way of including all kinds of fruits into your kid’s diet. You can add as many or as few fruits as you want.

    Fruit Salad | © Jackih / Flickr
  4. Besan Ke Laddu. 

    Besan is gram flour and is frequently used in Indian cooking. It is high in protein and these laddus are very good for growing kids. You can keep them for sudden snacks craving of your kids.

    Besan Ladu | © Anushruthi RK/ Flickr
  5. Gajar Halwa (Carrot Halwa).

    This traditional Indian dessert is delicious and full of carrots and milk for kids. This is best sweet full of vitamins and tastiest sweet for the kids.

    Kheer | © <a href="">Geeksaregoodfun / Flickr</a>
    Carroy Halwa | © Marici Sanz / Flickr




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