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Buy Premium Dink Ladu Sweet & Tasty Vijaya Namkins for Events & Functions at Wholesale Price.

Order bulk quantity of healthy & tasty Premium Dink Ladu sweet and tasty Vijaya namkins for special occasions like marriage, parties, or any functions and get huge discounts on every purchase.

  • Vijaya karadant is a pioneer to make traditional sweets like karadant, dink laddu, ladagi ladu. We supply fresh and healthy dink ladu & other sweets to whole India for all occasions and events
  • Dink ladu has a mind-blowing nutritional value due to many rich elements added within it, and all this stuff makes Dink Ladu a very healthy sweets.
  • The Dink Ladu made from fried edible gum (Acacia gum or axle wood gum) in pure ghee with dry fruits and jageery or sugar, and it has got wonderful, yummy,everlasting chewy texture.
  • Dink Ladu also called as a store house of health.
  • Dink Ladu is beneficial for all stages of life like in pregnancy, old age, young adults and for kids.
  • 1 kg dink ladu pack contains 32 pieces.


  • 1/2 Kg
    1/2 Kg
    1 Kg
    2 Kg
    3 Kg
    5 Kg
    10 kg
  • 250grm
    1 Kg
    1.5 Kg
    2 Kg


Buy tasty & healthy Premium Dink Ladu Sweet of 5-10 kg and more with tasty Vijaya namkins from online at lowest price.

Dink Ladu sweet is best sweet item for any special occasions.

Dink Ladu is very healthy sweets because of its nutritional quality, taste, texture and many forms of rich ingredients synchronized within it.

Dink Ladu is made of fried edible gum (Acacia gum or axle wood gum) in pure ghee with dry fruits and jaggery or sugar, and it has got wonderful, yummy, everlasting chewy texture.

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Weight 10 kg
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1/2 Kg, 1 Kg, 2 Kg, 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 kg

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250grm, 500grm, 750grm, 1 Kg, 1.5 Kg, 2 Kg


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