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Vijaya Super 5 Combo Pack is an all in one sweet pack it contains 5 kinds of sweets.

  • It contains 3 different quality of karadant and 2 types of ladu.
  • The 5 sweets are Supreme Karadant, Premium kardant, Classic kardant, Ladagi ladu and Dink ladu
  • These all 5 sweets are healthy and very tasty sweets because of its nutritional quality, taste, texture and many forms of rich ingredients synchronized within it.fried edible gum (Acacia gum or axle wood gum) in pure ghee with dry fruits and jageery or sugar Besan Aata , Cashew Nuts with dry coconut and elachi, and it has got wonderful, yummy,everlasting chewy texture.

Super 5 Combo Pack:  1/4 Kg Supreme Karadant+1/4 Kg Premium Karadant+1/4 Kg Classic Karadant+ 1/4 Kg Dink Ladu + 1/4 Kg Ladigi Ladu

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It has a mind blowing nutritional value due to many rich elements added within it, and all this stuff makes it a very healthy sweets and This package contains all our sweet products. This just like  a store house of health. This package is beneficial for all stages of life like in pregnancy, old age, young adults and for kids.

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