Healthy Sweet for pregnant womens

Healthy & Best Traditional Sweet for Pregnant Women.

Healthy & Best Traditional Sweet for Pregnant Women

In the pregnancy, one should take care of the full diet of pregnant lady carefully, during pregnancy the diet should be focusing on having more nutrients and proteins according to the craving of the lady.

For the good health of both mother & baby, nutritional food is important on daily basis. Back in the old days in India the grandmother and the mother’s used to maintain the diet of the pregnant lady because that time no one had the dietitian or any specific doctors to tell the right diet for the pregnant lady, so in those days old women’s of the home used to make nutritional foods & sweets for the better health of the both mother & baby.

The grandmothers & old ladies of home used to make a tasty & fully nutrient dink ladu sweet which will be given at the sweet craving of pregnant lady, the sweet was prepared from an edible gum (karadantu), real natural ghee and jaggery with all the dry fruits filled in, this sweet had the high vitamin and protein which helps the strong growth of baby and energy for mother and it is the best sweet for pregnant women. But nowadays in this busy metro life no has time to take care of their pregnancy and feed them nutritional dishes or sweets.

So, many of the pregnant women’s lacks of good protein & vitamin during pregnancy because no one has time to make nutritional dishes or sweets at home and also it’s difficult to find the pure and good sweets nowadays, but what if, you can get the pure and genuine dink ladu as same as those good old days now also? Awesome! Right?, Yes now you can get the dink ladu with the same taste and same ingredients which the old people’s used to make at home, and it can also be delivered to our home directly, So now you can order the dink ladu sweet online from the old traditional family which has 100+ years of history in making these sweets like Dink ladu, Ladagi ladu & amingad kardant and supplying to the whole India.

Dink Ladu Best & Healthy Sweet For Pregnant Woman.

The Dink Ladu made from fried edible gum (Acacia gum or axle wood gum) in pure ghee with dry fruits like nuts, raisins, cashew & almond and jaggery or sugar with coconut, and it has got wonderful, yummy, everlasting chewy texture.

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