9 Tastiest & Healthiest Sweets of South India You Must Try At Least Once in Your Life


We all know when someone South Indian food, the things come to our mind are delicious idli-vada and dosa’s with the taste coconut chutney but less number people know about the mouth-watering & delicious sweets of South India. There are so many tastiest sweets in South India that you can’t tell which is better because every sweet has its own delicious tasty but We have come up with some 10 sweets which are best tastiest & also healthiest sweet of South India and everyone must try these sweets at least once in their lifetime.

So here’s the 9 tastiest & healthiest sweet of South India you must try at least once in your life.

1.Mysore Pak

The sweet that originated in the royal kitchen of Mysore Palace during the regime of Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV by a cook, from then Mysore pak has been a famous sweet of South Indian made using gram flour (besan), sugar and ghee. Mysore pak is cut in rectangular shapes for consuming.


2. Payasm

Payasam is an authentic South Indian recipe; it is made using milk, vermicelli or rice and dry fruits and is eaten at various special occasions like festivals and pujas.


 3. Karadant


Karadant | © Amingad Karadant Online Store / Buy Now

 Karadant is a king of all sweets because of its nutritional quality. Karadant is a famous sweet in south India. It is made up full of top quality dry fruits & natural ghee, edible gum, jaggery which are known as a house of vitamin and protein.

4. Balushah

Badushahs (also spelled Bhadushah) are made from a stiff dough made with all-purpose flour and fried in ghee or oil and dunked in thick sugar syrup so that there is a sugar coating. They are very sweet, but tasty with a slightly flaky texture.  Balushahi is similar to a glazed doughnut in terms of ingredients, but differs in texture and taste.


5. Dink Ladu

Dink Ladu | © Amingad Karadant Online Store / Buy Now

The Dink Ladu made from fried edible gum in pure ghee with dry fruits like nuts, raisins, cashew & almond and jaggery with coconut, and it has got wonderful, yummy, everlasting chewy texture. It is best healthy sweet for preganant womens & small childrens.


6. Kozhukattai

It is a festive South Indian sweet of steamed dumplings made with rice flour dough and stuffed with a filling of coconut and jaggery.  kozhukattai is a South Indian recipe variation of modak


7. Ladagi Ladu

Ladagi Ladu | © Amingad Karadant Online Store / Buy Now

Ladagi Ladu is made of Besan Aata , Cashew Nuts with dry coconut and jageery elachi, and it has got wonderful, yummy,everlasting chewy texture. Ladagi Ladu is served at most of the marriages in South India.


8. Obbattu

Obbattu also known as holige and bakshalu, It is made from toordal or split yellow gram, plain flour (wheat flour or mixed wheat & white flour ), jaggery or sugar, cardamom powder and/or nutmeg powder, ghee and water. It is served especially during the festive season.


9. Karchika

This is a sweet deep-fried dumpling made with suji or maida (all purpose flour) and stuffed with a mixture of sweetened khoya (milk solids; also called mawa) and dried fruits. Shaped like a half moon, This sweet is special both in South India and also North India.


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