The oldest sweet of Karnataka that you must try at-least once.

All Indian sweets have its own reputation in the world, As we say we Indian’s have an extra sweet tooth because our love for the sweets & desserts is increasing day by day. When someone says Indian Sweets the main popular sweets comes in our mind are Gulab  Jamun, Rasgulla, Mothi choor Laddu, Kaju katli some other sweets, but every state in India has some unique and underrated sweets which most of the people didn’t know about.

So we are going to introduce the oldest & healthiest sweet of Karnataka, which has 100+ years of history and known as a healthiest and tastiest sweet of Karnataka,

Amingad Karadant :

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Karadantu means fried-edible gum in the local language, Kannada. It is made of edible gum mixed with dry fruits and has a chewy texture, Kardant is also called storehouse of the vitamins because of the rich ingredients present within it. The sweet is named after the amingad a small village in north Karnataka, that’s why it is called as Amingad Karadant.

History of the Kardant :

Vijaya Karadant is the pioneer to make Karadant sweet in Amingad, The sweet is invented by the Shri Rachappa Aihole, Every day Shri Rachappa and his associates used to go garadimani (gymnasium) for exercise, for their everyday activity and practice they require tons of vitality so they used to have cashew nut, almond, and other sort of high energy yielding and protein-rich things and one day reshape thought to make sweet by synchronizing all this stuff than he made delicious Halige Antu(real name of a Kardant) from now on it is a king of all fresh. He is one who pioneer to make Kardant. Since 1907, the same arts superseded by his son and grandsons by the figure of popular the Vijay Kardant group keeping similar things still alive.

Karadant Sweet | © Amingad Karadant Online Store / Buy Now

Karadant is a king of all sweets because of its nutritional quality, taste, texture and many forms of rich ingredients synchronized within it. The precise meaning of Kardant is fried edible gum (Acacia gum or axle wood gum) in pure ghee with dry fruits and jaggery or sugar, and it has got the wonderful yummy everlasting chewy texture.

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The Karadant Sweet is the best choice if you want a healthy and as well as tasty dessert, Karadant sweet is best for pregnant woman ’s, small children’s for their strong growth & also for adults.

Karadant can be the good replacement for the unhealthy chocolate craving of the kids.

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