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Origin of Karadant

The founder of the Kardant Shri Rachappa and his associates used to go garadimani (gymnasium) for exercise and body building, for their everyday activity and practice, they required tons of energy & vitality, so they used to had cashew nut, almond, and other sort of high energy yielding and protein rich things. One day a thought came to his mind to reshape this food, to make sweet by mixing all this stuff with edible gum (Halige Antu), than he made delicious Halige Antu(real name of a Kardant) from then it is been the king of all sweets. He is one who pioneered to make Kardant. Since 1907, the same art superseded by his son and grandsons by the figure of popular the Vijay Kardant group keeping similar things & natural things still alive.

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Get Free Ladagi Ladu Pack With Supreme and Premium Karadant

Vijaya Super Special Offer Pack contains 500 Grams Supreme Karadant,500 Grams Premium Karadant. With Free 250 Grams of Vijaya Premium Ladagi Ladu Pack.

These all 3 sweets are healthy and very tasty sweets because of its nutritional quality, taste, texture and many forms of rich ingredients synchronized within it.fried edible gum (Acacia gum or axle wood gum) in pure ghee with dry fruits and jageery or sugar Besan Aata , Cashew Nuts with dry coconut and elachi, and it has got wonderful, yummy,everlasting chewy texture.

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Karadant has a mind blowing nutritional value due to many rich elements added  within it, and all this stuff makes Karadant a king of all sweets and Karadant also called as a store house of health.  Karadant is beneficial for all stages of life like in pregnancy, old age, young adults and for kids.


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Pavan Joshi

Software Engineer

I Ordered Karadant for my sister’s marriage and I must say that the karadant is a really tasty sweet and it had all the dry fruits which is good for health. And they delivered karadant at the mentioned date with all the correct customization as I told them.

Sneha R

Bank Manager

I gifted karadant & dink ladu to all my family and friends at the time of diwali festival; I directly sent the sweets to their home and they were really happy and said the sweet was delicious. Thanks to Vijaya karadant.

Mahantesh Kudur

Shop Owner

The karadant is really healthy and delicious sweet our children loved this sweet so much, now I am going order again as it good for child growth also.

Suhas Ekbote


I regularly order karadant and ladu’s on every festivals or any function, What I like about Vijay karadant  is the sweets are made from high quality ingredients and its  tastes just awesome but sometimes there’s a delay in delivers please improve your delivery service.